What Would Love Do

Enter my world of Creation. It’s like a door to another inner Universe.

I am a fashion designer , docent for fashion design &  fashion illustration and Greator Life Coach.

Why me ?

I designed over 150 collections in the last 15 years including Puma (Rihanna, Cara Delivigne, Ferrari, Usain Bold, Pamela Reif, ASOS, Zalando, JD, Footlocker, BVB) 

I was leading design teams, building brands and creating designs concepts for several big companies.

I am a designer and a trainer and my vision is to show people how to connect with their dreams and teach  them to use their own design language and seek magic daily.

When I started as an assistant designer back in the days I already felt that I was gifted with a special talent. My biggest skill always lied in concept creation and Moodboards. 

During my education and qualification as a coach and working with Visions /Visionboards I understood my why in this world and suddenly all made sense. 

During my lectures at university as a docent for fashion design I realized that as a designs professional I was gifted to create Visionboards on another level. 

So I create my own concept of VisionMoodBoard Trainings and already inspired hundreds of people at different universities. 

The ingredients of all of my designs, trainings and coachings contain uniqueness and 100%  love. 

 For more information please get in touch.